Tractor Pulling

In 2013 we welcomed Tractor Pulling to the Rally for the first time.


This was a great addition to the show and we had a lovely range of vehicles ‘doing their stuff’                                                                                   .


They will be joining us again each year


What is Tractor Pulling?

Tractor pulling is a popular Motorsport competition. The aim of which is for a tractor to pull a heavy sledge along the track, with the winner being the tractor that can pull the sledge the furthest. 

The sledge transfers weight towards the front of the sledge as it is being pulled down the track. There is also a “skid pan” a metal plate at the front of the sledge; as the weight moves over this the resistance becomes greater. This means the further the tractor pulls the sledge, the harder it becomes. When a tractor gets to the end of the track this is known as a “full pull”.


Entries are invited , Pulling is done at your own risk, and you must hold all the relevant insurances etc to pull. Further information maybe obtained from Andy Stephens 01989 720206

Application forms available from Andy